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Définitions et Formations de Square Dance Figures: All 4 Couples / all 8 à Partner Hinge Figures: Partner Tag à Left Wheel Thru A2 - Box Counter Rotate à Remake the Thar A2 - Scoot &Weave à Zig & Zag (Anything) and Cross Any Hand Concept As Couples Concept  Belles and Beaus  Cast a Shadow  Chain Reaction  Clover and (Anything) Cross Clover and (Anything) Cross Over Circulate  Cross Trail Thru  Cycle and Wheel  Double Star Thru  Ends Bend  Explode and (Anything)  Explode the Line  Fractional Tops Grand Follow Your Neighbor  Grand Quarter Thru  Grand Three-Quarter Thru  Half Breed Thru Horseshoe Turn Lock It Mix  Pair Off Partner Hinge  Partner Tag  Pass In Pass Out Pass the Sea Quarter In  Quarter Out  Quarter Thru  Right Roll to a Wave  Left Roll to a Wave Scoot and Dodge  Six-Two Acey Deucey  Split Square Thru  Square Chain Thru Step and Slide  Swap Around  Reverse Swap Around  Three-Quarter Thru  Transfer the Column  Triple Scoot  Triple Star Thru  Triple Trade  Turn and Deal  Wheel Thru  Left Wheel Thru
Box Counter Rotate Box Transfer Checkmate Cut the Hourglass Diamond Chain Thru Flip the Hourglass Hourglass Circulate In-Roll Circulate Mini-Busy Motivate Out-Roll Circulate Pass and Roll Pass and Roll Your Neighbor Peel and Trail Recycle Remake Grand Remake Remake the Thar
Scoot and Weave Scoot Chain Thru Single Wheel Slide Slip Slither Spin the Windmill Split Counter Rotate Split Square Chain Thru Split Transfer Swing Swing & Mix Switch the Wave Switch to a Diamond Switch to an Hourglass Trade Circulate Trail Off Transfer and (Anything) Zig and Zag
Advanced A1
Advanced A2